About Us


Whether you, your family or your company want to set foot in Indonesia or in Switzerland, The Swiss Village will put you on the right track.


Our edge? We are a couple of Swiss entrepreneurs (with some Indonesian blood, though…) who has been working together for the last 25 years and moved to Indonesia around 7 years ago. So we know how difficult it is to navigate the local bureaucracy and understand the local culture (even for those who already fell in love with it) be it in Switzerland or in Indonesia.


When it comes to look for some help, the traps are numerous and can easily lead you to underestimate or forget some basic rules. At The Swiss Village, we will do everything we can to understand your needs and offer you exactly the advice and help you expect (consulting, contact introductions, exclusive trips or road-shows, local representation, coaching and training, etc.).


Let us know what is your project and let our passion work for you!