Promoting quality exchanges between Switzerland and Indonesia.

The Swiss Village is run by Selim R. Chanderli and Indira C. Tasan. Both decided to move from Switzerland to Indonesia in 2013, years after starting to visit Indonesia regularly to meet with Indira's family and to spend vacations.

In order to share their passion for both countries, they founded The Swiss Village, to help promote Switzerland in Indonesia, as well as Indonesia in Switzerland.

Their background is in media and finance, since they both founded together back in 1995 the editor of BANCO, the Swiss Asset Management Magazine, dedicated to professional investors, Forward SA.

The company has grown to become the Forward Group. The group's activities now go beyond news and events, with services tailored to match the objectives of our customers. Building on a deep knowledge of the finance and investment industry, Forward Group has created a Communication & Consulting branch, Forward Services & Consulting Ltd. (based in London, UK), whose aim is to help finance businesses enhance their reputation, reach out to their key prospects, expand company awareness and deal with a crisis or an unforeseen event. Forward Services & Consulting Ltd. also includes a highly specialized financial translation agency that supplies state-of-the-art texts that read like originals.