About Us

How can we help?

Whether you or your company want to set foot in Indonesia or in Switzerland, The Swiss Village’s tailor made services are designed to meet your company’s specific needs. Typically, we will:

  • introduce you to the most relevant local contacts for your business;

  • organize exclusive and targeted road-shows, seminars or conferences;

  • select the most accurate local fairs or events for the development of your business

  • take over the organisation of your presence/participation to these events (booth, marketing, promotional material, invitations, accommodation, etc.);

  • share our experience and knowledge of the local culture, as well as of the “business  etiquette”;

  • train you and your team to approach potential business partners, employees and/or governmental administration staff.


At any stage, The Swiss Village can also offer the following services:

carry out specific researches on focused market segments in which you are interested;

  • help you to get your family settled and/or establish a local company / joint venture

  • create/provide the most appropriate marketing and promotional material, such as logos, advertisements, banners, booklets, booth, etc.

  • promote your image and products through websites & social medias


Yet, there is no magic solution. In order to be successful, all these efforts should be run on a medium to long term basis. This is The Swiss Village’s commitment: to offer you a constant and permanent  support throughout every stage of your commercial or services company development, in order to achieve your goals.